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"Our language holds our culture."  
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All of our Kawaiisu language teachers use lessons developed through our Kawaiisu Practical Grammar project. Here you can find the same materials we hand out in community classes. You may open, download and print chapters of the grammar reference. (See the date in the lower right for the latest revision, as more features of the language are being included.) Here you can also use and download handouts, audio lessons and videos that are the learning materials for each chapter.
You will also find many audio and video recordings from our other projects.


Kawaiisu Practical Grammar
Learn whys and hows of the Kawaiisu Practical Grammar project.
Grammar Basics
You may encounter some grammar terms in the chapters. You can get an explanation of those "for regular folk" here.
Chapter 1, The sounds of Kawaiisu
Discover how to pronounce the language and read our teaching materials.
Chapter 2, Using verb endings
Simple sentences are introduced.
Chapter 3, Using Kawaiisu agreement
Learn how to create more complex sentences.
Chapter 4, Recognizing nouns and pronouns
Chapter 5, Adding descriptive words
Chapter 6, Asking questions
Chapter 7, Adding meaning to verbs
Chapter 8, Learning Kawaiisu word order
Kawaiisu is a flexible language. Sentences can be put together in many ways.



Click to hear various conversations between fluent speakers
These were recorded between 2011 and and 2014 as we documented the Kawaiisu language though a Documenting Endangered Languages project funded by the National Science Foundation and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Listening to these can be very helpful to language learners.

Sina'av & Sanapi
Please allow 10 seconds for movie to start

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Animal Names 2 with Luther Girado download
Animal Phrases 1 with Luther Girado download
Animal Phrases 2 with Luther Girado download
Edible Plants with Luther Girado download
Medicine Plants with Luther Girado download
Superstitious Signs with Luther Girado download
Things To Do When Cooking with Luther Girado download
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