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Chapter 1 - The sounds of Kawaiisu
  Chapter 1 introduces the letters we use to write Kawaiisu sounds, and explains how the sounds are pronounced, especially the ones that are quite different from English sounds.

On the right you will find any references and study material for Chapter 1.

Funded by Administration for Native Americans.


The Sounds of Kawaiisu
with Luther Girado and Loreen Park



Click here to download Chapter 1 pages.
"Frog, Where Are You?" A child's story in Kawaiisu

Click here for the pdf file.

Click below to hear the story, "Frog, Where Are You?"
read by fluent speaker Luther Girado download
Lucille's dictionary entries, mostly words for food
Click here to download the pdf file.
Click below to here fluent speaker Lucille Hicks reading the example sentences. download
Below are some sentences you may hear your teacher say in Kawaiisu language classes.
Listen. download
This sounds like. download
Look. download
All listen. download
Say this one. download
YouTube Grammar Lesson by
Dr. Jocelyn Ahlers
Chapter 1 - The sounds of Kawaiisu
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