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Chapter 2 - Using verb endings
  Chapter 2 introduces the building blocks of Kawaiisu verbs that combine to make complex meanings:  roots, which are the heart of any word’s meaning, and suffixes. Suffixes are pieces you add to the end of roots to slightly change the meaning like when or how something is happening or who is doing it.

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Click here to download Chapter 2 pages.
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Click here for video lessons on verb endings
Click below to hear Chapter 2 audio lessons
with Betty Hernandez and Merlene Everson .
Lesson 1, Commands download
Lesson 2, What are you doing? download
Lesson 3, What is s/he doing? download
Lesson 4, What are you going to do? download
Some example sentences using "-vaa" download
YouTube Grammar Lesson by Dr. Jocelyn Ahlers
Chapter 2 - Using verb endings