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finished project
  Kawaiisu Conversations
and Lansdcapes

The goal of our project, “Kawaiisu Conversations and Landscapes,” was to record conversations of our fluent speakers as they talked about their lives and the places where they were raised in the Kawaiisu community of the Walker Basin. We collected 60 hours of conversation on CD and digital video. A team of Kawaiisu language students began transcribing these recordings using Elan software to create detailed documentation of our language. We will preserve our history and make a resource for students of the language. We have shared this documentation by placing a copy in the Survey of California and Other Indian Languages at the University of California, Berkeley. Through this project, we also worked with our speakers to create new entries for our dictionary.

This Documenting Endangered Languages project began in June 2012 and was completed 18 months later. Funding was provided by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Science Foundation.