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"How can our languages survive?"
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Each community may take a unique course of action to help its language live into the next generation. There is no "one size fits all" solution. We offer training in practices that have worked for us. Please contact our administrator for quotes on services. If we know of another person or group that may better suit your needs, we can put you in touch.

Learning language through immersion

Language at Home: Learn how a fluent speaker of your language can teach family members of any age to talk together during typical family activities like eating meals or getting the kids ready for school. The family determines the topics that matter to them most and creates a plan. We can provide training on how to use immersion, and help you to create your own audio CDs and fun activities for any age.

Communication-Based Instruction: Learn to create structured immersion sessions with five defined steps This method focuses on language that can communicates things that are important in your daily life. It makes use of visual props, such as pictures and photos, and items you can find around the house. It is a fun and active way of learning language that involves hands-on participation by the language learners. Because there are defined steps, C.B.I. provides a good framework for those who are not yet fluent but wish to prepare themselves for a teaching situation whether it is at home, in a community language class or a in school room. It is ideal for language without writing systems because no written language is required.

Producing digital language learning media

Voices in Your Pocket Workshop: Learn how to record digital audio and video and then put the recordings on an iPod to create your personalized library or language "study buddy." This is a great way to put elder speakers together with young people to create teaching materials in your language and about your cultural ways.

Using a Marantz CD recorder: Learn how to record directly to an audio CD using the portable Marantz recorder. No computer is required and the CDs can immediately be played on any device such as your computer, on your "boom box," or in your car. This is a quick way to create high-quality audio learning materials in your language.

Creating a funding proposal

Funding proposals for language revitalization and cultural activities: What are your goals? Learn to define them and communicate them to potential funders.